Green Mountain Development

Our Mission

Our mission at GMD is simple. 1) We want to make developing your skills and learning the game of hockey FUN. 2) We want to connect our students with outstanding coaches and mentors. 3) We want to create affordable programing for players who are serious about improving their game to the next level.

GMD provides an exceptional program experience by hiring coaches who are teachers of the game and focus on creating an environment that is fun, challenging, informative, and help builds personal and athletic confidence.

We truly believe in our motto, 'Think Ahead. Everything Matters.' We want every student to walk away with an understanding that virtutally everything they do, affects their overall performance and development. How they execute a particular drill, what they eat for dinner and how they treat their teammates will have an enormous impact on what kind of hockey player they will become. Our intention is for each student to develop an understanding and awareness of themselves relative to what it takes to reach their potential.

Hockey Camps & Clinics for the competitive FEMALE player.  Think Ahead. Everything Matters.
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